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Artist Bio

Spencer Spark is not afraid to stand out, catching ears, eyes and brains across Sydney's music scene.

As a loud and proud queer singer-songwriter, she invites you into her colourful world of bold and vivacious art pop. With an eclectic mix of delicate haunting melodies, intense symphonic swells and moments of raw passion, her music embodies the sounds of her heroes Björk, Kate Bush and Fiona Apple.

Since 2018, Spencer Spark has left a vibrant mark (and probably a trail of glitter) on the Inner West music scene after the release of her debut album ‘Physical Culture’.


Re-emerging from Covid (working the frontline as a radiographer) Spencer is ready to Spark again launching two singles in early 2023 from her heavily-anticipated self-titled EP. Spencer Spark will explore flavours of synths and 80s aesthetic mixed with her trademark artful metaphors, captivating melodies and excessive colour.

With her unforgettable live performances and her signature eclectic fashion, Spencer Spark continues her mission to create more ridiculous, zaney shows that defy the ordinary.

Spencer Spark - spotty dress and hat.png
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